Queen for Hygienic Paper Products is one of Othman Group companies, which operates in import, export and manufacturing. Queen was established in 2012, and production in its manufactures took off in 2014.

Queens’ products are known for their high quality, as the company endeavors to comply with the international quality standards, and seeks to offer products that cares for the general health with the best result and value for the consumer.

Baby Wet Wipes

wipes soft like silk

  • عناية ناعمة وحريرية الملمس لكامل جسم طفلك
  • تحتوي على مستخلصات عشبية طبيعية
  • معقمة ومضادة للبكتيريا

Make Up Removal Wipes

Use for Face & Eye

  • تزيل وتنظف المكياج بسرعة وسهولة لكل انواع البشرة
  • مناديل ناعمة ومرطبة للبشرة
  • خالية من الكحول و الصابون

Family Care Wet Wipes

for your family protection

  • تنظيف الأيدي والوجه
  • تحمي جميع أفراد العائلة
  • خالية من الكحول والصابون

Queen softness silk

Ultra - greater protection - double absorption (night - day) wings Contains absorbent gel granules (of Japanese origin) Very thin to fit all kinds of clothes and styles With a durable adhesive that prevents slipping on clothing and gives you a lasting sense of comfort

Queen all day long

Your friend and protect you all day long Made of the finest types of tissue Very thin to fit all kinds of clothes and styles High quality to ensure non-slip on clothes


QUEEN for the manufacture of health products from leading companies in the region for the adoption of high and global production standards
Queen's products are known to be of high quality, and the company strives to comply with international quality standards.



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